Clock Plus

Clock Plus 2.0

A digital desktop clock with a variety of advanced features

Clock Plus represents a digital desktop clock. It shows the time in two formats: hours, minutes, and seconds, or just hours and minutes. The program provides you with the opportunity to customize the display according to your preferences. The small display can be placed anywhere on the desktop or snapped to the edges of the screen. There are 47 skins with different fonts and moods to choose from. You may also use the function "strike the hour" with one of the sounds offered.

The program provides us with several types of timers. The alarm clock can ring once or several times (up to 25) depending on your choice. The reminder is the type of alarm clock reminding you about some single event by playing a sound and showing you a text message with its description or some other useful information. The date is fixed here as well, so you don't need to remember it yourself. What is more, the program offers a wide variety of advanced features, including a calendar, a timer, an MP3 tag editor, a picture viewer, a calculator, file search, and many more.

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  • Repeat event" function is unavailable
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